A seat 2 seat

Digital Art

We manufacture realities.
We use the raw materials we always used but the form lent it by art effectively prevents it from remaining the same. A table made out of pinewood is a pine tree but it is also a table. We sit down at the table not at the pine tree. …
An excerpt from “The Book of Disquiet” written by Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa

Seat 2 Seat

Long time ago I started a photography research on public seats which I then called “Seat 2 Seat“, it was based on my love for such urban equipment as I’ve always enjoyed seating in the outdoors and streets.

When moving to England I started noticing some seats had dedications and in one of my last journeys, to Maidenhead, I decided not only to document this but also to do a small intervention around their island park, in the few seats which weren’t dedicated.

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