cigi pals

BETter 2 travel

To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive A Robert Louis Stevenson quotation, from Virginibus Puerisque, 1881 [*]

Danger in Black[w]all

Today Danger Cigi jump out of NaturAle blue book and chose to stay in Blackall Street. Despite all watching eyes, d thinks he might get a bit lonely up there…

Manifest Dreams

I MANI FEST DREAMS [cigi pal] sleeps over the captain’s foot at the end of their 6 day journey through London’s canal in a self made raft.

Cigi Pals

An ever growing family of illustrated characters created from the inside of cigarette packages and other wasted materials.

Cigis @ Trash Time

Today, Tomorrow & After… Is Trash Time. An experimental 3 day festival celebrating your rubbish as our values. The perfect hang out for some of d oldest cigis! I left an original “Amber Leaf” box…