Crochet with plastic bags

Crochet with plastic bags

Handmade crochet items using plastic bags as a thread.You can have them if you like it! Some are available for sale at…


Mixed media artwork made with photography and illustration representing the…

Laptop crochet bag

It took me awhile to finish but I’m loving my…

Urban tales

Developing a set made from disused materials for live and…


Espaço com espaço

Espaço com espaço

Identity, logo animation and website for __com__ [espaço com espaço / space with space]  

REcreate space

Setting up a coworking space with disused pallets and other…

Barter with me

Identity studies for Aveiro’s flea market and activity proposal: each…

Reignite Action Model

  Action Model diagram designed for Reignite. [Click on image…


Reignite eCards

Reignite eCards

Electronic postcards and other graphics designed for Reignite direct mail and network communications. Above and first below thanking for donations and lower…

Paddy Waters

It was a lot of fun illustrating the world of…


We’re jamming till the jam is through… An audio visual…

Borderline Circus

Borderline Circus are a funky bunch of hyperactive circus artists.…


REcreate Space

REcreate Space

REcreating a Space with Space through video projections.

Video Projections on a Double Bass

Video projections onto a double bass.

Body Percussion Workshop

Body percussion is an activity that enables a significant enhancement…

Travel inside Ds bag

An abstract short video filmed by chance when a mobile…


[Research] Herbs & Flowers

[Research] Herbs & Flowers

Contemplating meanwhile learning about local herbs, flowers and their uses.  

Ds Walkies > Olive oil mill

Randomly walking around Beco, in Portugal, I found an abandoned…

wAll art research > Portugal

A Photography research on Street art in Portugal.

[REsearch] Wall tiles

A photography research of wall tiles taken in Portugal.


Small Postcards

Small Postcards

Small postcards made from disused bits of paper and cards.

Mini postcards

Mini postcards made from disused bits of paper and out…

heART matters

Art matters when running cold and hot in the matters…

Be yourself

The importance of being you is that no one will…

Video Projections

VJ @ Therapy Session XV

VJ @ Therapy Session XV

                 VJ Session for Therapy Session XV, at x-Tuatara, Lisbon. Projecting onto a skull while playing along with CURRENT VALUE…

Chill Out 5 [photos]

Some photos I found online from the last minute VJ…

Lyrix Organix at Rich Mix [photos]

Photos from Lyrix Organix event at Rich Mix, London. *…

SoUp 4 All

A couple of photos from Ds VJ live set for…